Friday, March 11, 2011

El Tuito House

This is a house in El Tuito, down the street a little ways from where our friend John (of Chachalaka fame) was staying in 2010.

Across the Courtyard at Delphinia’s Store

This is the view across the courtyard at Delphinia’s store in downtown Mayto. That yard is a hardware store from which they sell building supplies. While I was sitting here painting this Delphinia’s son Gerardo was rebuilding the masonry planter just to my right. That’s what that pile of rubble is down in the right corner.

A Street in Tehua Mixtle

Here is a view up the street  next to Liz Adriana’s Restaurant on the water in Tehuamixtle. Sometimes the town’s name is written Tehua Mixtle, and sometimes Tehuamixtle. But most people call it Tehua.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Delphinia’s Store, Mayto

This is the view up the main street in Mayto, showing Delphinia’s store on the left, and Lola’s Cafe on the right.

Tehua Mixtle Waterfront

Another sketch of the Tehua Mixtle waterfront, done while sitting at Candee’s Restaurant.

Tehua Mixtle From Above

This is the view of the waterfront of Tehua as you approach on the road and look down on the town. I sat on a water tank at the edge of the road and sketched this in 2008.

Tehua Mixtle Street View to Waterfront

This is the view as you approach the water on the main street in Tehua. I did this sketch in 2008, before they put up the shark (yes, a giant plastic Jaws-style shark) on a pole, now in the middle of this view.

Llano Grande House

This is a house in Llano Grande, a very small town about halfway between El Tuito and Mayto. Actually, maybe its a barn, since there is a saddle on the windowsill, and it seems to be open in the back.

The Tortuga of Guadalupe

This is a view of the front of El Rinconcito, a little hotel on the beach at Mayto. That’s Fernando in the foreground, holding up his granddaughter Delisa to get a better view of the mythical Tortuga of Guadalupe rising up behind it. I did this sketch in 2009 or 2010.

Sea turtles lay their eggs on the beach at Mayto, but many eggs are taken by humans and animals for food. There is a Turtle Camp at Mayto Beach where eggs are protected and the baby turtles are released into the ocean.

Tehua Mixtle Waterfront

Tehua Mixtle is a very cute seaside town tucked into a little harbor just a couple miles from Mayto. It where all the local fishing boats head out from, and when all the fish and oysters come in to. I sat at Candee's Restaurant and sketched this view in 2008 or 2009.

Zapateca Olga, El Tuito

El Tuito is a town on the main highway, halfway between Puerto Vallarta and Mayo. One day in 2008 on our first visit I sat in the doorway of a restaurant and sketched this view of Zapateca Olga.

Dan and Holly Invite Us to Visit Mayto

Dan Gair and Holly Hunter invited Nancy, Zoe and I to visit their ranchito in the little seaside town of Mayto, Jalisco, Mexico. So we did, and we have gone back to Mayto every winter for four years now. Thank you Dan and Holly. Learn more about their Rancho Sol y Mar at their website. Above is my painting of their house and the view out to the Pacific, from 2008.